Our Vision

J&P will manage every aspect of your investment properties, whether your property is a single family home or a multi-unit complexes. Whether you need property management, remodel, repair, total rehab, or assistance in selecting the perfect investment property, we will be happy to assist.

Just a few of the things we provide and excel in is finding outstanding tenants, extensive screening, leasing, collecting rents, preventative maintenance/repairs, and online book keeping which gives you up to date 24/7 access to your property’s financials. J&P Unlimited is a true one stop shop, allowing you to be a true passive income investor!

Our Mission

Whether property management or repairs and remodels, providing outstanding exceptional service at a great price has been the main goal and success of our company.  Our belief is if we can do just that, everyone wins, from a homeowner to a tenant and community. Whether we are renting your investment property or repairing your sink, you can put your mind to ease knowing the right thing will be done, always.

Our property management strategy is actually very simple. 


Its to provide:

  1. A nice safe home that is kept up and making sure repairs are done correctly,
  2. A great tenant,
  3. A management company that knows how to talk to people and do whats right

Those 3 factors are the main things that have helped us keep the owner’s investments producing each and every month, all while property value continues to rise. Selecting great tenants who feel like they are in the home that is theirs is the next step. We are not into sales, so trying to talk someone into a place that is not for them, is not our thing. We choose people who want to be there. The last is us doing whats right. If something is broken it gets fixed right away, keeping the tenant happy, and the home’s value increases. Outstanding housing mixed with outstanding people is what makes outstanding neighborhoods, the kind of neighborhoods people want to live in.

This same motto is true with our services side of J&P. The majority of our work exceeds our customers’ expectations, for a price far less than others. If you are looking to save every penny and cut every possible corner with shabby work, then we are not the company for you. If you are looking for honest, dependable people, who can do the job right the first time, then look no further. We take great pride in the work we do for people and strive to satisfy each and everyone. It does not matter if we are leasing homes or rehabilitating them, we enjoy helping others and assisting to build great community’s.

Our Team

Pete Schmidt

Krystl C Schmidt